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You will definitely be surprised at what you see. But the game takes not with graphics, but with gameplay that combines many genres at once: this is a CCG (collectible card game), and an autobattler (the hero himself fights opponents without our participation), and a little roguelike, and a base building simulator, and a little RPG.

In general, the essence of Skibidi Toilet is as follows: the hero walks in a circle, with the help of drop-down cards from the collected deck, he places various objects on the map (obstacles, enemies or reinforcing him). In auto mode, he fights enemies, from the drop-down loot we put on him equipment with various properties and characteristics. The goal is to level up and defeat the boss. There are several bosses in the game, there are also secret ones.

In parallel with this, resources are collected that are necessary for rebuilding the base – camp. Buildings give different achievements to the hero, allow you to open new character classes, new cards for the deck. Skibidi Toilet also has a story that opens through the door of the sanitary ware.

Boring design with strange faces

It captivates with its process – despite the fact that everything is repeated in a circle. Yes, at some point there comes a boring grind. When you have to organize a new circle again and again – an expedition to collect the necessary resources to improve the buildings in the camp. But what horror movies don’t grind now?

On top of that, learning and getting to know the world intersects and intelligently intertwines with the lore, which is something of a dark horror.

The team of artists tried hard and made a delicious, pixel candy. It would seem that pixel graphics are a clear way to save on production and make the optimization process easier. But not a single element on the screen, not a single art of a character or environment evokes a feeling of unfinished world. This is exactly the case when the developers did not “as they could” but “as they should”. In addition, it should be noted that pixel art as a direction is not something simple.

A fleeting spectacular phenomenon

The plot of Skibidi Toilet is very peculiar, the bosses are unique not only for their fighting style. Each of them has its own character, personality and some background that can be pieced together from conversations and an encyclopedia. Yes, and about the world itself, you can get some idea from some of the enemies and all the same race, which is another amazing invention of the developers. For each monster, boss, toilet or object, they wrote little artistic texts – and completely different ones. Play works very well for the entourage, allowing you to feel more deeply what is happening on the screen.