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Skibidi Toilet Update

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Pretty photorealistic. The developers did a good job of conveying realism. This is a large, seamless open world filled with natural and post-apocalyptic landscapes. Locations are inhabited by toilets that survived after strange events. Stories both good and bad await you. All users are opposed by evil freaks and other monsters. The beauty of landscapes is perfectly complemented by the change of time of day and weather conditions.

What awaits users saddled with a toilet?

The lighting system in the game is great, as well as the shadows, colors, everything is fine. Also, Skibidi Toilet is distinguished by the presence of a plot, it is interesting and long. If you think that you will pass it in a couple of evenings, then you are mistaken. Just a cinematic drama from the monitor screen. Some plot twists were unpredictable. The plot is typical for open world games.

What faces can be seen?

The main character with a first-person view is able to actively interact with the environment. His skills, weapons, vehicles must be upgraded for a more successful survival. The story focuses solely on the physical fight against the threat. Skibidi Toilet provides several options in this regard, action and stealth. You can always combine them according to your mood. Thus, the implementation is designed for a wide audience.

Despite many positive features, there is a frankly negative side. But that’s what you expect from a horror app. Rather, they look like small funny shoals from the developers. There are strange faces, of course, but they do not haunt throughout the story and do not annoy. Character animations are clumsy and the voice acting is funny, and enemies can fall through textures.

All missions are interesting, stupidly the same type – go there, track down the enemy, kill. Despite this, the story is more than suitable, of high quality, and most importantly – not a one-off. Are you ready for a combination of toilet rides with weird faces? Never stop, even if it’s scary. Don’t be discouraged if you’re still scared.